12 January 2017

Dreaming of snow

We are waiting to see if snow falls on London today. It is forecast, and flights have been cancelled from Heathrow in anticipation. It's not happening yet. London does seem to grind to a halt with just a few flakes, but I love snow so I have my fingers crossed.

29 December 2016

The in between days. A time for reflection.

This year I hosted Christmas for the first time since moving to King's River Cottage. It was a relaxed affair with my boys, my mum and dad, and for the first time ever I extended the hospitality to a non family member - a friend who was going to spend the day alone. It felt right, and kind, and that felt good. The fire was lit, the tree sparkled, the table looked beautiful, there were presents to unwrap, a perfect (if slightly late) Christmas lunch, and I spent my day enjoying it rather than photographing it. 

Just a few days days later, it all seems so long ago. The days between Christmas and New Year have taken on their own unique pace like they do every year. For me they are a strange blend of anticlimax, relaxation, contemplation, slight restlessness and forward planning.

Yesterday I took some time to tidy the house and blitz the studio. I was completely pooped before Christmas - juggling running a small business, the school holidays, Christmas shopping, and all while  solo parenting. I had just closed the door on weeks of mess. It seemed the best idea at the time.

Today I was back at the bench for a while in my refreshed clean and tidy space. I have a few pieces of jewellery that have to go out in the next few days. I have also started thinking about 2017, at least for the business. At the end of last year I invested in a Kickstarter campaign by The Design Trust who have produced the most amazing action planner called Dream Plan Do. Full of useful prompts, and spaces to scribble. I do find it most helpful to be directed through the process of looking back, then looking forward. Thinking about what you achieved, what you want to achieve, and how you can go about making it happen.

2016 has been a hard year, and there is no question, I will be glad to see the back of it. It felt like a year of standing still instead of moving forward, but already I am beginning to realise that wasn't the case in so many ways. Roll on 2017.

I will leave you today with a photo of the Bauble Bushes in our local park. (now at the top of the post) We took a chilly walk to see them this afternoon. Every year the baubles appear, young families add more, and then just as quickly they disappear. So glad to have a moment to visit them before they are gone.

27 December 2016

Christmas 2016

A big old weather-worn galvanised tub for the tree in the living room. I love the small of real Christmas trees. This year I covered it in silver and white and sparkly lights.

It's a bit more colourful in the studio. A little living tree. I think the toadstool obsession is getting out of hand though!

22 December 2016


Some beautiful and personal commissions celebrating families finished before Christmas.

3 December 2016


My signature gemstone. Lots of beautiful aquamarines waiting to be made into rings. Please do get in touch if you want to commission something using one of these exquisitely coloured gems.

25 November 2016

Fair Friday

Here in the UK, we are used to Boxing Day sales which start after Christmas. Over the last few years we have somehow adopted the American sales which happen after Thanksgiving. The day is known as Black Friday and it sure has put a spanner in UK retail. Shopping patterns have changed as customers hold off shopping at what used to be the peak retail period. Understandably, they all hope to bag a bargain. It is very hard not to join in the price slashing explosion, because the customer's attention is easily caught by the thought of paying less. But as my photo says, I charge a fair price for a fair job every single day, and if I were able to slash my prices like the huge retail giants, it would either mean I am charging too much everyday, or that I am not paying myself fairly for the work that I do in order to bring you a bargain.


18 November 2016

Charlotte Bezzant on Instagram

I have just changed my IG name to @charlottebezzant I see someone has already jumped in and snaffled the old @cbezzant one so please use my full name if you want to join me over on Instagram.

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